Cooperation in the cultural and humanitarian sphere

The cooperation in cultural and humanitarian spheres is successfully developing. A Japanese professor K.Kato made a significant contribution to the discovery of the monuments of the early Buddhism era in the South regions of Uzbekistan. Along with him, for the great contribution to the strengthening of the partnership, former first Vice-president of the Banking and Financial Academy of Uzbekistan T.Kitamura and the President of the Waseda University T.Okushima were awarded «Dustlik» (“Friendship”) orders.

In 2002 the First President of the Republic of Uzbekistan I.A.Karimov was awarded the title «Honorary Doctor» of Waseda and Soka Universities, and in 2004 on the the Soka University a monument to Alisher Navoi was fixed up.

Since 2000 in the collaboration with the office of the Japan International Cooperation Center (JICE) in Tashkent on the project Human Resource Development Scholarship 295 Uzbek students have been trained in Japan.

Over 2000 specialists of Uzbekistan have been trained in Japan through JICA. Contribution to the personal training process makes the Uzbekistan-Japan Center, which was attended more than 700 thousand people.

In 1999 «Uzbekistan-Japan» friendship society was established. Its main partners are «Japan-Uzbekistan» Friendship Society and «Fukushima-Uzbekistan» Cultural and Economic Exchange Association.

In 2002 the Uzbek-Japanese Scientific and Creative Center «Caravansaray of Cultures of Ikuo Hirayama» was founded in Tashkent.