In the capital city Tashkent, a press conference has been held on work being done by the city department of the Mahalla (neighbourhood) public charity foundation. 

A.Ghulomov, acting chairman of the board of the Tashkent city department of the Mahalla public charity foundation, and others said that large-scale measures were being taken to raise the status of the mahalla institution and to create the necessary conditions for increasing its influence in civil society development. 

A Presidential decree dated 3 February this year on measures to further improve the mahalla institution is an important factor in further expanding the amount of work in this area. 

This decree specifies precise priority tasks relating to making sure that neighbourhoods play a greater role in resolving topical issues in localities, strengthening their material-technical base and further developing cooperation with state and public organizations. 

At the event, complete information was given about the tasks specified in the decree and its essence and significance. 

At the press conference, a speech was made about work to be carried out this year. 

Specialists gave answers to questions from journalists. 

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